About Jetwick

Jetwick is an open source twitter search. Why should you use Jetwick? For example you can easily track keywords (click rss button) and later on  sorts tweets by relevance. Jetwick stands under the Apache 2 license and is available from github.com. Jetwick was based on Apache Solr and later on migrated to ElasticSearch .

A quick overview is given in videos and text:





If you are logged in you can grab your own (old) tweets and make them searchable or any other account.

See this live here. An nice easter egg is to find similar named users.


  • Translate tweets with one click
  • Quality and duplicate detection of tweets to reduce spam tweets


  • Find the origin or the initiating tweeter of a trend
  • Find similar tweets
  • one click to see replies or retweets
  • Search suggestions in the textfield which are based on the latest content
  • Search suggestions are context-dependent, which means that if you filter against a date or searched a user you will only get suggestions in the query box which are relevant for that date or user
  • If you search for e.g. ‘java’ then jetwick will only suggest users with tweets about that topic
  • Advertisment-line
  • URLs are fully searchable and not shortened

We can make your search!

If you need ‘search’ for your web side Pannous GmbH would like to hear from you. And if you need something more comprehensive: we’ll implement it for you! Take a look here.

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