Frequently asked questions for Voice Actions

(Android and iPhone)

Jeannie is stuck "Thinking ..."

Due to the new language settings in the update some users have to manually select their language in the settings menu. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Is there a manual for Voice Actions?

Since everything can be said in many different ways there's no comprehensive list of all commands, but you might get an inspiration from these features. We are working on a more detailed guide.

Can you speak language X?

iPhone: Sorry, currently only English and German are supported but we are working on other languages as well.
Android: Just say, "speak Spanish," or whatever language you wish to use. We will be improving the native language creation of messages soon.

Can I teach my bot some tricks?

Yes there are several ways to teach your bot:
Say 'I am married to james' ... and later 'Call my husband!'
Try some dressage: 'Jeannie, when i say sit you purr!!!'
PS: Your bot also gets automatically smarter over time!

For geeks:
You can publish your own aliases / dialogs in the simple form documented here: http://pannous.net/test.dialog
If you know some Java you can extend the functionality via a plugin: https://github.com/pannous/Voice-Actions-API
If you know some AIML you can send us the file (coming soon: just navigate to an aiml file with your browser).

Why should I pay for the upgraded version?

The paid version has a more prioritized and faster answering service, and should be free of advertisements. Feature-wise the two versions are roughly equal, but in general the paid version is more stable, whereas the free version is more experimental. The iPhone version now has Nuance speech recognition for higher accuracy.

How will I know that I have the upgrade, once I have paid for it?

You can see that the update was successful if you go to the settings menu: The upgrade button should be disabled and greyed out now. You should also not see any ads anymore.

Why does she always ask "do you want to leave this app?"

This question only occurs when you enabled the accessibility settings. You can disable it by switching the accessibility mode off.

Jeannie doesn't wake up when I shout at her or shake her. What can I do?

Android: When you put her to sleep by saying, "Standby," you can increase her sensitivity in the 'shake to wake' settings. Try setting the sensitivity to 90% and then leave the application with your home button and not your back button.

Why doesn’t Jeannie ever seem to go to sleep?

It may be that she is constantly being awakened by every sound or movement. Set the 'shake to wake' sensitivity to a lower value in the settings. Also disable the "background mode" in the settings.

I don’t like the name Jeannie. Can I change it?

Feel free to call her anything you like.

General bad behavior

Does Jeannie behave a little bit better now (after the recent update)? We are constantly getting rid of bugs as we become aware of them and implementing improvements to Jeannie's functionality.

I am having trouble with specific names/words/commands?

First try to spell the word you are trying to use. If that works, teach Jeannie to use it in a more straightforward way:
Example: Your aunt is called Hurghada.
1st step: Say 'Call H.u.r. g. h. a .d. a.'
If that works then go on to the second step.
2nd step: Say "Whenever I say 'Call my aunt' you call H.u.r.g.h.a.d.a."
3rd step: Call your aunt.

Can I get a refund if I do not like Jeannie?

What exactly did not work as expected? Drop us an email and we will consider how we can make it better to match your needs.
Android: For the Android, go to the following site and follow the instructions there:

Why can’t I download Jeannie onto my Android?

It may be that you have a custom ROM installed or some other specific system customization. Jeannie cannot be downloaded to any custom ROM due to a fraud prevention option which we have chosen in the marketplace. If you don't have a custom ROM and still cannot download the application then try changing the filter level in the marketplace to "mature" if you find it is set to something different. We have recently made a special effort to ensure that the Pro version is now compatible with custom ROMs: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.djinis.voice.actions

What are the differences between this and earlier versions of this app?

The Voice Action Plus application should be functionally equivalent to Jeannie (formerly known as Voice Actions ∞) plus the upgrade. Jeannie for Kids was a chat-centric version with reduced functionality and faster reactions.

I am having problems with text messages on Android, what is going on?

Unfortunately text messages are handled very differently on different devices, so it will take a little time on our part to figure out how to resolve the problems for each device.

I can't figure out how to make Jeannie read my incoming messages. Please help.

This feature should be enabled by saying, "Read incoming messages." Unfortunately, not all devices support this yet, so chances are that in your case you need to wait for an updated version.

Specific application integration does not work: contacts | music | messaging

This is the problem with Android fragmentation: you have to test every device and every application; especially if they don't follow the standards. We try to get hold of as many devices as possible to test all configurations! Please feel free contact the 3rd party app producers and ask them to follow standards.

Why is Voice Actions crashing on my device?

It might have something to do with insufficient memory. We recommend downloading an application with which you can remove old programs and clean your memory. You can also try to uninstall and reinstall the application. If you want to be really helpful you might send us excerpts of the log files (with a so-called logcat app). Anyways we hope we can solve your problems soon.

I really want to use this app, but it requires Google voice recognizer and I can’t find this recognizer anywhere in the market. Please tell me what I can do to use this app.

Try to follow the instructions on this web page: here. Some countries, however, are not supported by Google yet.

Why doesn't the microphone turn green?

You can find the required component if you go to settings -> download speech recognition component. Be aware though that it is not available on all devices and all markets.

I can't hear Jeannie. How can I get her to speak up?

Try the following:
1. Make sure the volume is turned up.
2. Tell her that you cannot hear her (this will open a dialogue to download a component). Or go into the settings and scroll down to Speech Component.
3. Search the marketplace for a free TTS if you don't like the SVOX (paid component).

Jeannie doesn't understand me at all. How can I get her to understand what I am saying?

Do you have ice cream sandwich? There is a known issue which will be solved soon.

Otherwise please check the following:
1. Is the microphone green?
2. Are you saying the English commands with proper enunciation in standard English?
3. Did you install the required component (Android)?
4. Did you select the correct language/accent (Android)?

Does Voice Actions support Bluetooth (Android)?

Unfortunately Bluetooth is only supported in the next version of Android /on very few Android devices. Root users can try SuperMono BT. As a workaround you can always use a wired headset with a button. Speech recognition over Bluetooth is possible since HONEYCOMB!

The application is slow/laggy.

Do you have a fast network connection? It might have something to do with insufficient memory. We recommend downloading an application that will remove old programs and clean your memory. You can also try to uninstall and reinstall the application. Please let us know if that helps. Don't install the free version and Voice Actions Plus on the same device!

Have I been charged twice?

The way I understand the Google marketplace, you are never charged twice for the same application. The way I understand the iTunes market, Apple never charges you twice for the same application. Don't install Voice Actions Plus if you bought the update in the free version! In general: if you don't know what to do just press the microphone button and ask the application what to do. It has an integrated problem solving engine.

Do I have to purchase it again after buying new phone/factory reset?

When you log in with your old Google account, Google should synchronize all your application purchases.

Are there any incompatible devices?

Some users have experienced problems with the Galaxy S2 and the Sony X10. Also devices with custom ROMs are often not supported.

I accidentally installed both versions. What do I do?

Panic! Just kidding. Don't install the full version when you already bought the upgrade! If you already did, please uninstall one and we can give you a refund.

I have a great idea for a feature!

We always welcome innovative ideas that can help improve Jeannie. Do you have a cool idea? Drop us an email! You can also discuss your or other users ideas in our FORUM!

Thank you for using Voice Actions, we love all our wonderful customers!